Pocket-Kitten2: revamping a Firefox OS app

(This is a small story, I promise!)

This story begins with PocketKUMI, a Firefox OS app available in the Firefox Marketplace. After I test it, I wanted to do a similar app. Hopefully, the description says:

Make your day full of KUMI’s cuteness. Tap the screen to view images/photos of KUMI. KUMI is the maskot’s name of Mozilla Indonesia Community. This app is inspired & based on Pocket Kitten by Ruth John.

After a quick search I found a nice presentation, Building Pocket Kitten, and, most important, the code of Pocket-Kitten.

So I forked it with these ideas in mind:

  • No kittens!: Don’t misunderstand me: what I wanted to do is to retrieve images using some external resource, like the Flickr’s Public Feeds. Thereby, you can get whatever images you want with just a script tag.
  • Firefox OS Style: That was easy: there is a Firefox OS Styleguide with the suggested colors and fonts.
  • Landscape, not portrait mode: All the pictures I wanted to show are in landscape mode, so the change was really necessary.

After a day, I completed the changes, updated the Manifest and the icons, and sent it to the Marketplace with a new name and purpose: PaperToys.

Pictures of Firefox PaperToys taken in Lima, Peru and retrieved from Flickr. Based on Pocket-Kitten and inspired by PocketKUMI.

Thankfully, the app was approved quickly after a small fix 😀

And now, what’s next? I think this is an instructive app: it can be explained easily, it can be hacked, it can be the beginning for other similar apps (for example, show pictures from a country, an actress, an artist, or any other topic.) If you have new ideas you can just fill a issue or fork it (again).

Pocket Kitten2


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