¿How the Mozilla communities could get closer to web developers? Answer 1

In reply to the previous post, the obvious answer is to try to stay where the web developers are: around communities or events where they gather (and it’s probably I share some thoughts about this later). But there is a different answer: organize events for web developers who are not only Mozilla’s fans.

In Mozilla Peru, since 2011, we started to join the organization of Barcamp Lima. A barcamp is an ‘unconference‘ where the topics and speakers are unknow until the same day of the event, and where is expected that the attendants participate actively by showing topics of any level. Barcamp Lima existed since years ago, and in fact the first three editions (between 2008 and 2010) were organized by enthusiast people without a ‘common’ community, just friendship. Even though, the event couldn’t be organized actively by these people and because of that Mozilla Peru decided to involve in the event.

In August 2011 take place Barcamp Lima 4 with the support of some friends from the city. Even though that was our first time involved directly in the event, I think it was a good start. We gather some people who participated in the other editions and even one of them offered a short videoconference.

In April 2012 it was organized Barcamp Lima 5, and in that occasion the main topic was signed from the beginning: WebMarkers: Architects of the Web (at that time was inspired by WebMarkers but was not related to), and we noted that the presentations should be related with web technologies, although it was allowed less technical topics.

Website: Barcamp Lima (currently offline)

Website: Barcamp Lima (currently offline)

After the event we were thinking some ideas for the next time, with the purpose of have more speakers (better if they didn’t spoke before) and more attendants (that don’t be afraid to assist to an event where they need to show something).



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