¿How the Mozilla communities could get closer to web developers? The problem

As a member of the community of Mozillians, a topic which always interested me (or worried me) is how to reach external public, people who knows almost nothing about Firefox or Mozilla.

Although Mozilla is a global community of volunteers and people who promote Firefox, open technologies and web development, I think is a problem the automatic association “Mozilla = Firefox” and therefore there is no greater opportunities of broadcasting our messages outside “friendly” environments, like other free software communities, contacts in universities and institutes and friends.

In a specific way, I keep more attention in how to reach web developers, people who build applications and possibly focus on their own programming languages or tools, or who declare themselves as fans of other browsers.

¿Why I’m interested in this topic? Because even though Mozilla continues creating great tools for web development, the lack of developers who know them or even consider Mozilla as a reference could damage its efforts in order to promote an Open Web for everyone.

With this problem in mind I hope to share a set of ideas about how in Mozilla Perú we tried to “expand” the scope of the local community through the organization and participation in initiatives intended to promote web technologies. These initiatives pursue to bring more attention to Mozilla Perú, but also to deliver the Mozilla’s mission to more people.



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