Cómo evitar distraerse en Internet

Edición 37 – Junio 2008

5. Interés: Cómo evitar distraerse en Internet

Dedicado a todos aquellos a quienes aún pueden acceder a Youtube, Messenger, Hi5, Emule, y demás fuentes de distracción desde sus centros laborales (los laboratorios del Pabellón V no cuentan hace mucho tiempo :S).

Web Worker Daily
Top Time-wasters for Web Workers (And How to Cure Them)

Where did the time go? If you ask yourself this question at the end of your workday and don’t know the answer, odds are you’ve wasted some time on unnecessary tasks.

As web workers, our unproductive time doesn’t go to water cooler gossip or hanging out at the employee lounge. Usually, we’ll lose hours each day on social networks, email, instant messaging, and random internet surfing. Of course, these are important aspects of our web working lives, but they often take more time than they should.

So how do we prevent from indulging ourselves in our favorite time-wasters?

Juan Eladio Sánchez Rosas
[Bachiller Ing. Informática – PUCP]

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